Saturday, September 10, 2016

"What Kind Of Economy Are We Running?" - Emir Sanusi Lamido Speaks Again

Emir Sanusi Lamido, ex-CBN Governor, has once again shared his thought on the current state of the Economy. Below is what he shared on his page...


  1. Why is he still focusing on the past. The naira has been floated and is no longer 200 to the dollar. It is 305 now unless he thinks the 305 is still not good enough and we should let it be 425 as is in the black market?

  2. Your Royal Highness Sir, economic policies expecially at trial time like is trial and error and Corruption still undermined the efforts/good intentions. The present CBN govornor is PDP man and was the one in Zenith Bank where the billion dollars you declared missing was traced to. Unless Mr President sacks the CBN chief he will continue to sabbotage his government. As PMB said Sir,pls write to Mr President if have an observation like this and even more. Allah yaja zamanin Sarki.