Mother Takes Moving Pictures Of Daughter Daily To Apologise For Rejecting Her During Postnatal Depression


A mother has taken moving pictures of her young daughter to apologise for rejecting her during a battle with postnatal depression.

Sujata Setia, 35, from Dartford in Kent, has created a portfolio of beautiful photos of her three-year-old Aayat in effort to capture the precious childhood moments in her daughter’s life.

The mother-of-one shared her passion for the project in a heartfelt message on Facebook where she explained she was trying to make amends. She wrote: ‘I never wanted to have a child. Being a mother did not come naturally to me. When Aayat was born, I went into depression for a very long spell because for me to accept that I owe every single minute of my life to someone else, was just impossible.

‘She is three now. Last week we went for our first family holiday together. Not too far really, just to Devon and Somerset in the UK itself.

‘But it made me realise how deeply I love her and how much of what I am today, I owe to her. She has been a constant source of learning for me.

‘She has made me realise that to be self-centre is easy but to surrender yourself in love for someone is the only way to find true happiness.’

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