Saturday, September 10, 2016

Oh Dear! Nigerians Come For Minister Of Sports After He Posts Photos Of Himself Swimming

Jesus Christ! So the Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung few hours ago on Facebook posted some photos of him swimming and wished Nigerians a happy weekend, but most people who commented on the photos had something entirely different from HAPPY WEEKEND to say to him. Some described the act as PATHETIC, while most called him a learner and some attributed the photos to the sports ministry been in trouble. Well, let me stop here and let you read the comments yourselves. I just can’t with Nigerians, kilodeeeeee…. Continue….


  1. sometimes i use to wonder the kind of country nigeria use to be,, so upon all the lie and drama this man acted at rio nobody quetioned him? upon all the lie he said he was with them at atlanta while he was elsewhere,airline disappointment,hotel accommodation which michel helped out, ohhhh,really nigerian sports is going more down, help!

    1. The thing tire me.. this man is beyond incompetent and should be fired quickly

  2. this job never fits this guy, we are just joking with our sports ministry.tribalism and sentiment we must take out of our lives so that we can progress,,tell buhari so