Photographer Captures Women’s Orgasm Faces In Intimate Picture Series


These photos show women mid orgasm. The ladies were caught on camera by photographer Albert Pocej, who came up with the idea in a dream. As soon as he woke up he knew he had to make it a reality, but that was when the hard work began.

Convincing women to take part in the shoot was very tricky and took three months.

“I had no illusions. I knew that it would be hard to find the models,” he told The Sun Online. I was ready for the possibility that it would take a time. I found all the girls on Facebook, among my friends. The goal was up to 20 photos.”

He wrote to everyone he knew, with many not replying or saying they didn’t feel “brave enough”.

Eventually he found 20 women, but some of them wouldn’t continue with the project when they realised they really had to climax and couldn’t act.

“It was hard to relax for some models, others did it easily,” Albert explained.

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