Friday, October 28, 2016

Video: Why Obanikoro Can’t Raise His N100m Bail

An insight into why politicians who had controlled and squandered Billions of Naira cannot raise N100million for their own bail in a new policy of anti-corruption is shared by the National President of Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE), Yusuf Zambuk in Lagos. Find out the opinion here.

Please watch this video and tell us if you agree with him. Please you must watch it o, our Nigeria of today!


  1. Enter your comment...Honest truth.they steal our money to develop foreign economy at detriment of d nation. Woe betides who will be bold enough to raise his bail bond

  2. If this is a joke they should stop

  3. He should remain with EFCC for as long as possible 🙆

  4. When people talk too much, they always end up contradicting themselves.

    This man initially said Obanikoro lived lavishly as a federal minister, thus he has squandered all his money and now he cannot pay the 100 million Naira bail.

    Towards the end, this man then claimed that It is not that people around Obanikoro or even Obanikoro himself cannot pay the 100 million Naira but the fear that the source of the money may be investigated is why Obanikoro or the people around him cannot produce the100 million Naira.

    Which one is which now, oga?

    Anyway, by my own calculation, 100 million Naira is around $250,000:00.

    So, that means that Obanikoro can easily pay the money.
    All he has to do is fling one or two of his houses in US, and bingo he would have the 100 million Naira and there will still be left over money to buy hundreds of full bottles of champagne and throw owambe party to 'wash' his release from jail.

    If Obanikoro refuses to pay the money or source for it through his relatives/business partners, he should left in Jail. Within 4months of living in a typical Nija cell, Obanikoro will pay up.