Thursday, November 24, 2016

24,890 Lagosians Test Positive To HIV In 18 Months

No fewer than 24,890 Lagosians have tested positive to the dreaded HIV disease within 18 months in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, says the Lagos State Government.

While 15,311 Lagosians tested positive to HIV in 2015, another 9,579 others tested positive to the disease between January and June 2016.

Chief Executive Officer of Lagos State Aids Control Agency, LSACA, Dr. Oluseyi Temowo disclosed the figures on wednenesday in Lagos.

At the event meant to mark this year’s World AIDS Day, Temowo disclosed that 616, 318 people were counselled, tested and received results between January and June 2016, out of which 9,579 individuals were found to be positive.

“In the year 2015, a total number of 599, 560 people were counselled, tested and received results out of which 15, 311 were found to be positive. In 2016 (1st Semester January to June), 616, 318 people were counselled, tested and received results out of which 9,579 individual were found to be positive. However, 52,803 positive individuals are currently on Antiretrovirals (ARVs),” he said.


  1. this thing no dey show for face, I for dey see the thing for people face

  2. Lagos state government need to put a lot of money and resources into preventive medicine to fight highly infectious diseases like TB and HIV.

    A lot of adverts about how people can prevent themselves from these 2 diseases, and others as well need to be done and put in every nooks and corners of the state.

    HIV and TB screening should be confidential and freely accessible to everyone.
    The treatment for these two diseases must be 100% free to those who can't afford them.

    Public health workers who can do contact tracing and who can make sure those already infected are taking their medications need to be employed, fully trained and put under adequate supervision.

    Unti then, the status quo of just releasing datas upon datas as the prevalence and incidence of these diseases in our society continue to climb remains.