Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bamenda Protests: Hundreds Arrested In Cameroon

At least 100 people have been arrested following days of protests against the use of French in courts and schools in English-speaking parts of Cameroon.

Several others are being treated with bullet wounds in hospital in the region's main city, Bamenda.

Lawyers are opposed to the employment of court workers who do not understand the application of British common law.

Former British and French colonies joined together to form Cameroon in 1961. The country has 10 semi-autonomous administrative regions - eight are Francophone and use the French civil law.

English-speakers have long complained that they face discrimination.

The BBC's Frederic Takang in Bamenda says there is tension in the north-western city and businesses and schools have been closed.

At least one person was shot dead on the first day of the protests, 10 others were admitted to hospital with four in critical condition, he says.

Teachers and local residents joined the protests which started on Monday.
Educators in the English-speaking regions have been opposed to the employment of teachers who only speak French in technical schools.


  1. They should find a common ground and stop this

  2. Pls president Biya should do something abt this problem . its been long they complained abt this. Cameroon is known to be a peaceful place, so this happening now with the women African cup going on is very bad.its true its a bilingual country, but they shouldn't make it mandatory that without the French language u got no space in the society. Moreover, they have a lot of francophones that can't even speak English yet they are working .