Tina Mba Describes Herself Off Screen


Nollywood sweetheart and one of the few that carry out roles as if it were real, Tina Mba has said she is an introvert. While speaking to Sunday Spice, Mba said she is a very laid-back person and hardly socialize. She was asked how she would describe herself when not working and he said;

I am very laid-back in terms of socialising. How do I unwind? I clean my house, I watch television and I dance in my house. I am an introvert but people say that I don’t look like one. I am a firm person, I am not self-conceited, I am disciplined and I am very motherly.  I try to look out for the weak ones anywhere I go; people who have no foundation, who are afraid to come out of the dark because I believe that  goodness lies in everyone.

I am not a condescending person. I wish I could love everyone but I can’t. However, I respect everybody because it is very paramount. I am a mother, so I understand a lot of things and as a woman; I have seen a lot of things. Therefore, when you encapsulate these things, I am humanity and that is how I describe myself. I don’t go to parties or clubs. I barely attend  weddings and beg to be excused. I don’t socialise and I don’t have friends. My friends revolve around my work, kids and my church.

I relax just by cleaning things; sanitising, bleaching. My kids seem to be interested in my line of work. One of them has a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. She is in England but she also runs a cocktail/mocktail enterprise. She is tilting towards entertainment as it were. Then, the boy is still in the university and he has also been doing some holiday runs for production. I think they are both deceiving themselves that they want to be like me.

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