Thursday, November 24, 2016

Two Saudi Women Sentenced To 10 Days In Prison & 20 Lashes For Using Bad Language In WhatsApp Chat

A Pair of Saudi women have been sentenced to 10 days in prison and 20 lashes for the ‘crime’ of using bad language in text messages.

The victims were accused of “impermissible expressions” in their WhatsApp conversation, the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper reported.

One of the sentenced women appeared at the Criminal Court in the city of Jeddah and accused the other of using foul language in an argument.

She showed her phone to the court to back up her accusation but the other woman made a counterclaim and showed the court messages from the accuser sent two  months ago.

So the judge found both women guilty and sentenced both to 10 days in prison and 20 lashes each.


  1. I wonder why people are still in that country

  2. Hmmm weti person no go hear . they should equally be jailed for using phones . rubbish