Thursday, November 24, 2016

Video: Oritsefemi Speaks On Encounter With Quilox Bouncers As He Murders English

Oritsefemi has spoken out on his encounter with Quilox bouncers saying it is something no one should experience. He says for three hours he was beaten and dealt with and no one had the nerves to intervene. He says the issue of security in Nigeria especially clubs is something people should look into. But wait, what about his friends that went to the club with him that night? Nawa, if they can beat Oritsefemi for three hours without intervention, what then would be left of ordinary people, no star status. It is well, lol. The video below…

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  1. Can't he sue. This guy is very dumb. What if shina peller is rich. Sue his ass

  2. Until Nigerians start suing they will never be respected. Who will beat drake for three hours at a club nonsense

  3. Na by force to speak in English. wetin do pidgin

  4. He shld just invest the money he spends in the clubs to educate himself and being better. Everyone knows when tu face started and look at him today. His grammar aint that bad though. But Reminiscence, is still the one repping the ghetto.

  5. He initially apologized for being responsible for what happened, and now he saying something else.

    What platform is this nigga even talking about?
    If it is about security, Yes, the platform is there and it has always been there, at least for the respectable clubs.

    They always provide security and bouncers.
    If one should go there and start fighting security, is one not working against the platform put in place to secure the lives of the patrons of the club?

    This guy just to need to keep quiet and low right now instead of just going around spewing thrash.
    His management (if he has one) need to shut him up pronto.

    Majority of us are not that stupid and we can read between the lines.

    Some idiots are writing that he should sue.
    Who is he going to sue? Himself?

    He caused the whole trouble and he put the lives of everybody at the club at risk by stabbing a bouncer who was just doing his job. The bouncer was almost blinded by this idiot.

    If anyone is going to sue, it is the bouncer that need to sue this cretin for causing him the bouncer bodily damage. The club also has ground to sue thus guy.

    This guy has no ground to sue anyone, not even for the worthless bling bling he claimed he lost during his assault on the club's security and bouncers.

    People were there and they all collaborated that it was this guy who broke a bottle and stabbed a bouncer, and the other bouncers there had to restrain this guy and then called the police later after putting the situation under control.

    Days after, this guy came out to apologize to his fans, the management of the club, and he promised that he would be causing no trouble again.

    Why is he now saying things that are contrary to what he said before?
    Why, if not for having no good managers to manage him.


  6. Who is this again?