Wednesday, December 28, 2016

42 Dead, Hundreds Hospitalized After Drinking Toxic Booze At Christmas Party

At least 42 people have died and around 150 are in hospital after drinking a toxic homemade alcohol at a Christmas party.  The victims fell ill after consuming the 'moonshine' liquor while celebrating.

The group, all thought to be religious Christians, held a party in eastern Punjab, Pakistan, to mark the festival.

But hundreds fell unconscious and were taken to clinics, as 42 others died. Five Muslims were also among the dead.

Police are investigating where the alcohol came from but the person who provided it to the party was among the dead.

Every alcohol seller in the Toba Tek Singh district, where the incident occurred, was taken in for questioning.

The victims had been partying from Sunday into Monday morning.

It is illegal for Muslims to buy alcohol in the country but minorities can purchase it with a permit.