Merry Christmas LL Readers….


Merry Christmas to every LL reader. Merry Christmas especially to all our ardent readers still keeping it REAL. You know we love you TOO MUCH. It’s been a very busy, tough year, but we are thankful. We are grateful for His protection, His mercies, His blessings, His joy and everything we can’t even name. He has been such a good God to us, and we know he was good to you too. As we celebrate him today, don’t let us forget to reach out to people around us. Reach out to everyone till you have nothing to give again. God bless you as you do that today. It’s going to be a loonnngggg day and I am just so excited about it. It’s our daddy’s dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Yayyyy!! Can i get an Amen? Lol… love ya loads and we look forward to a better 2017. More serious stories coming….

Bright year and we just can’t wait! COMPLETE RESTORATION, someone say Amen again, lol.
I once said if i am retiring, i am going fully into the work of God, but some people think I was and still joking. But guess what? It’s no Joke, feel free to add Pastor Oladunni Liadi, hahaha yeah that’s me (tongue out)…. And YES our word of God will be back in 2017. Yayyyy dancing, dancing, dancing…. Have a fun filled day lovelies!!! 💓💖💓💖

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