Saturday, January 23, 2016

Miss Africa Great Britain Releases Stunning New Photos

Miss Africa Great Britain, Susana Owono has just released a new set of photos as she gears up for her charity mission to her home country Equatorial Guinea. The student and beauty queen was crowned on the 10th of October 2015 in London where she beat 18 other hopefuls to clinch the crown.

She will be visiting her home country in March where she will visit two schools, one for orphaned kids and the other for disabled children. She will be donating stationery and learning aids as well as donating wheelchairs and mobility aids to the disabled school. In her on words, Susana said;

"Providing the tools for school life is a simple first step to improving a child's chances for success and consequently future livelihood opportunities. I propose to acquire as many exercise books, pens, Pencils, school bags for as many students as possible. I will also be using this opportunity to provide wheelchairs for disabled school children in dire need of them."

Miss Africa Great Britain is a pageant open to Africans living in the England, Scotland and Wales.

Group Starts Monthly "Cuddle Parties" To Promote Health & Psychological Benefits Of Being Touched

You know they have all the time. A group in Minnesota has begun holding monthly "Cuddle Parties" to promote the health and psychological benefits of being TOUCHED.

The Minneapolis-based group known as Nurture Yourself advertises itself as the only group in Minnesota with a trained Cuddle Party Facilitator and offers a place to "meet interesting people and share nurturing, NON-S3XUALIZED TOUCH."

"Touching and being touched has benefits for everyone's health. Many of us can benefit from cuddling without any other goal but nurturing human contact. We teach you valuable social skills and create an environment where you can practice meeting people," a post on the group's website states.

Photo: Man Crashes Jeep Into Indoor Pool

Authorities in Massachusetts said a valet driver slammed his foot on the wrong pedal and ended up parking an SUV in a condo complex's indoor pool. Cambridge police said they were called to the building on Museum Way at 11:18 p.m. Thursday and they arrived to find the Jeep Grand Cherokee lodged in the condominium complex's indoor pool.

Police said the driver slammed his foot down on the wrong pedal while moving the vehicle and ended up crashing through a ground floor window into the building.

"The car actually did enter the pool and they had to tow it out of the pool," police spokesman Jeremy Warnick told

The driver was able to get out of the car and was taken to a hospital to treat a minor leg injury.

Luckily for him, there won’t be any charges or citations associated with it as it was nothing but an ACCIDENT. They were later able to extract the SUV from the pool at about 1 a.m.

Nollywoood Actress Priscilla Okpara Buys N4.5m Honda Crosstour

Ex-beauty queen turned actress, Priscilla Okpara has got herself a Honda Crosstour to start the year. An excited Priscilla shared the news online.  Her movie, ‘Oleado The Fisher Girl’ brought her more to limelight last year. We say big congrats to her. See more photos below.

Photos: Pasuma Buys Toyota Matirx For Daughter On 25th Birthday

Pasuma’s eldest daughter, Wasilat Odetola was a year older yesterday and her dad surprised her with a Toyota Matrix car. He didn’t stop at that, he also took to his IG page where he showered her with lovely words. See more photos below and his birthday message to her right after the cut.

In a special birthday message to her on Instagram, Pasuma wrote, ‘Having you as my daughter is my greatest accomplishment and I didn’t even do a thing. You did it all, just by being you. I don’t know what I did in a previous life to deserve you as my daughter in this lifetime. Whatever it was, it must have been incredible’.

‘It had to be to end up with an incredible daughter like you. I’m not just grateful that you’re my daughter. I’m grateful for your love, kindness, hope, smart, friendship, support and more than anything else, the privilege to give it all back to you. Happy birthday sweetheart’.

Photos: Jimi Agbaje Spotted At MTN Registration Outlet

The former Lagos State Governorship aspirant, who has a matter of fact came 2nd in the last Lagos Governorship polls was spotted this afternoon at Lagoon Restaurant where he had gone to register his MTN sim card. Late registration? E fit no be o, cus some people were asked to register again even after they already did. Another photo below.

Akwa Ibom State Gov. Grants Amnesty To 64-Year Old Man Who Has Served 25 Years In Prison

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State, on Saturday, granted amnesty to Okon Akpan, a 64-year-old prison inmate, who had served in Ikot Ekpene prison for 25 years.

The governor granted freedom to the inmate under his power of prerogative of mercy during his visit to Ikot Ekpene medium security prisons. Emmanuel, who charged Akpan to go and commit no more crime, stressed the need for proper upbringing of children through sound moral guidance to make good citizens.

He also stressed the need for speedy dispensation of justice to reduce congestion in the prisons with the high number of inmates awaiting trial. He donated 100 bags of rice and three cows for the feeding of the inmates and commended the prison authorities for taking good care of inmates under their custody.

Photo: Traffic Didn’t Start Today In Lagos… Check Out A Pic Of Heavy Traffic In Lagos In 1982

Alibaba Speaks About His Children, What They Aspire To Be & How Comedy Is Not In Their Books

Comedian Alibaba in a chat with Entertainer recently at his Lekki office spoke briefly about his children and what they love doing at the moment. He says though they all have a sense of humour, none of them is aiming at being the next Alibaba. Hear him;

“None of my kids is taking after me. However if you are talking about taking after me in sports, artworks and painting, then they are taking after me.

“My daughter paints, another sings and is a broadcaster, one writes and another is into fashion. They all have a sense of humour but not commercially.”

Having inspired generations of comedians, why is none of his kids is taking after him? He said;

“They initially did not think that it was a business worthy going into but they have a great sense of humour and that’s as far as it goes. It’s not like they are looking to become the next Ali Baba, no.”

Mr Ibu Speaks On Nollywood, The Many Battles Of AGN And How Those Who Collected Money From Jonathan will DIE

Lol, Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu in an interview with Vanguard Newspaper has poured out his mind on the challenges of Nollywood and its leaders and how most of his colleagues have turned themselves into beggars parading government houses to beg for alms. Ibu says the alleged $200m given to them by the former administration could not be accounted for and many still collected money on behalf of AGN because Jonathan loved Nollywood so much. Ibu however said all those who collected money on their behalf and didn’t deliver it will all die because they have killed many souls in the process. He also spoke about people embracing peace and letting it reign in Nollywood. The interview after the cut.

Photo: Wealth Meets Good Looks

It's one thing to be wealthy, it's another to have a taste for good fashion.. One of the world's most expensive players and obviously one of the finest footballers to grace the sports world has never ceased to dazzle his fans with class both on and off the field.

C . Ronaldo posted this photo of him on his IG handle and it already has over 6000 comments from fans. #FineBobo....Lol

Food For Thought

"Being angry and resentful of someone for so long is like letting them live rent-free in your head"
 Live Life and Live Happy!!!

My Neighbor’s Wife Is Sleeping With Another Man Right In Their Matrimonial Home

Morning Ladun,

A year ago a newly-wed young couple moved into the same compound where I stay. It was quite relieving considering i was staying there all alone and the other house had been vacant for a long while.  The couple were quite nice and as such getting along wasn’t that difficult.

The husband is a young officer in the Nigerian Army, atimes he could be away for 2-3months on missions, leaving the wife all to herself. Whenever he gets back, we get to talk a lot and hangout, Fun times were never lacking during those period.

Three months ago, I noticed a young guy that usually comes around, atimes could spend days at my neighbors’ home. The strangest part is he never shows up whenever Niyi is around. I hear loud laughter, giggles, sexual sounds (don’t want to be all explicit) whenever he comes around from my apartment.

Photo: Timi Dakolo Goes On Early Morning Fitness Biking

They say the best way to stay alive is stay fit and healthy..  Looks like Timi is doing just that this morning. He shared the photo on his IG page.

Commissioner For Science & Technology, TECNO MD, Others Unveil TECNO CSR Project “Light Up Ikeja”

TECNO, Lagos-The popular Ikeja electronics market also known as “Ikeja Computer village” waked to an atmosphere of excitement on Thursday January 21, 2016 as dignitaries from  State and Local government, community and market leaders and members of the press, converged at the market ground to commission TECNO corporate social responsibility project.

Dubbed the “Light up Ikeja” project, TECNO telecoms limited (the registered company of TECNO Mobile) donated eighty eight (88) high end solar-powered streetlights, full installation by Arthur Energy Technology Ltd to its Ikeja host as a token of appreciation for years of peaceful co-existence.

Addressing guests in his opening speech the Managing Director TECNO telecoms limited, Mr. Chidi Okonkwo said TECNO will continue to invest in a broad spectrum of community-centric projects to better the lives of people in its sphere of operations. He said;

Where Is Former President, Goodluck Jonathan? Dele Momodu Writes

Fellow Nigerians, I’m surprised that no one has asked about the wellbeing, welfare and whereabouts of our dear former President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. Are we so wicked and uncaring that we have forgotten the gentleman who brought us fresh air so soon? Do we truly suffer from “collective amnesia” (apologies Wole Soyinka) that no one is coming up in defence of the man who brought FaceBook to Africa’s biggest nation? Where are all those acolytes who were falling all over themselves this time last year during the Presidential campaigns? Where are the royal fathers from different parts of Nigeria who were decorating our President with all kinds of esoteric Chieftaincy titles?

Where are the experts who were churning out endless statistics about how God had blessed us with the greatest President Nigeria ever knew? What happened to all the economic magicians who claimed that former President Jonathan had propelled us to the pinnacle of the temple and proclaimed that in consequence we were Africa’s numero uno economy? Where are the priests, pastors, alfas, Imams, marabouts, traditional worshippers, and all manner of religious personages who trumpeted that Ebele Goodluck Jonathan was the anointed of God at the 2015 Presidential elections?

Photo: Nigerian Police Force Introduces New Uniforms For SARS

The Nigeria Police Force has introduced a new uniform for operatives attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad across the country.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni while disclosing this on Friday said the move was meant to engender effective operation and to check the excesses of the unit and also help stop numerous cases of impersonation.

The all-black uniform, which comprises black trousers, T-shirt and a jacket, also has a number inscribed on it to indicate the state command, which an operative belongs to.

I Went Into Robbery To Maintain My Chieftaincy Title–Ex-Niger Delta Militant

Before his recent arrest by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, 42-year-old Clement Millions was a titled chief, perhaps a respected one at that.

But his foray into armed robbery has landed him in police custody. Millions, in his shocking revelation to the police after he was arrested, said he was installed as a chief in 2014 but that the demands of the title soon became overwhelming that he had to resort into armed robbery.

“In 2014, I was conferred with a chieftaincy title of Ebimewe, which means someone who is doing well, but the high financial demands of my new title made me to join a bank robbery gang to get enough money to maintain my new status in the society,” he said.

Men Who Packaged Drugs As Condoms Arrested By NDLEA (Pictured)

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has intercepted a shipment of Tramadol disguised and packaged as condoms and other illicit drugs at the Tin Can Island Port, Lagos.

The two importers, who claimed to be pharmacists, are also being investigated in connection with the unlawful importation. Tramadol is a prescription drug belonging to the class of opioid. The total weight of the seized drug is 3,078.56kg.

A statement by the NDLEA Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Ofoyeju Mitchell, claimed that the drug was detected during a physical examination at the port by the officials of the agency and others.

Wizkid Has Been Studying My Album And Stealing My Songs-Blackface

In an interview with Saturday Beats, dancehall act, Blackface has addressed the calling out of wizkid in his latest single, Killa saying wizkid is a thief and he has actually been stealing his songs since 2010. He said when people heard his new single Killa, they said he sounded like wizkid and he didn’t like it, but that was because wizkid was studying his 2010 album and was stealing from it. 

Blackface said long before now, Wizkid followed him on Twitter and he expressed his mind to him, but shortly after that, he unfollowed him and that left him shocked. He also said wizkid’s Ojuelegba song and a track on his Dancehall Business Album released in 2010 was nothing but the same and eople can even go ahead to confirm. This is not the first time a colleague will be accusing wizkid of theft. Dammy Krane recently brought the same allegation against him and they went into a brawl. His words right after the cut.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Man Who Loves Raw Meat Grows 6-Metre Long Tapeworm Inside His Stomach

A meat-lover who had a two-year stomach pain was horrified when doctors said a 6-metre long tapeworm had grown inside him. Doctors told him it had been caused by his love of raw beef.

The patient had been complaining about vomiting, general weakness and a lack of appetite to various doctors over the past two years. Medics kept treating him for stomach ache and chronic anemia.

During his latest visit at the Hubei University of Medicine, in Shiyan, China, doctors examining him found ‘nothing remarkable’. However, when they looked at his stool under the microscope they found an egg containing a tapeworm.

They gave him catharsis medicine and two hours later, he discharged the six-metre worm and says he feels so much better.

Man Who Made Girlfriend Walk On The Street Naked Because She Was Caught Cheating Charged

A woman who was allegedly made to walk naked through the streets of New York after claims her boyfriend caught her messaging other men has spoken about her ordeal. Jason Melo, 24, allegedly choked and punched the 22-year-old woman, in front of their two-month-old daughter before making her strip off all her clothing and walk around their block.

She also claims Melo told her that if she did not do as he asked he would throw her down the stairs and slash her face.

Shocking footage showed the woman in a towel before the man eventually pulls it away, exposing her body to everyone on the street. She desperately tries to preserve her dignity, at one point attempting to dress herself with the canvas cover draped over a nearby motorbike.

Lassa Fever: One Confirmed Dead In Lagos

The Lagos State government has confirmed the death of one of the three cases of Lassa Fever in the state.

According to the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris who gave the update today, said one dead victim was expected to be buried later today, noting that the State has recorded 14 suspected cases of Lassa Fever as at yesterday, January 21, 2016.

He also disclosed that the Ministry has shortlisted 447 contacts of the confirmed cases and 438 (98 per cent) of the contacts who are currently being monitored.

Lepers Set To Take Over The Streets Of Ogun Over Non-Payment Of Stipends

A group of lepers in Ogun State have threatened to embark on a street protest and invade local government secretariat next week over government’s failure to pay them N10,000 monthly stipends for eight months.

The lepers issued the threat in a statement jointly signed by their chairman, Hammed Jimoh and secretary, Lukman Folorunsho on Friday. The statement particularly accused the Abeokuta North Local Government Council, which is responsible for the payment of the stipends, of nonchalance towards their plights.

They said if the stipend is not paid in the next one week, they would take over the local government secretariat as well as storm the streets in protest. The lepers also called on state governor, Ibikunle Amosun, to use the occasion of the 40th birthday anniversary of the state to increase the stipend. Hear them;

IYC Warns Buhari Over Tompolo’s Prosecution

Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) kinsmen of a former rebel leader, Government Ekpemupolo popularly known as Tompolo has warned the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari against conducting a witch-hunt after Tompolo was charged with theft and money laundering.

A federal high court in Lagos last week ordered the arrest of Tompolo on accusations that he stole more than $175 million (161 million euros) between 2012 and last year.

The ex-militant, is one of the most high-profile former militant leaders of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND).

Photos: Lagos CP Parades 36 Suspects This Morning

The police in Lagos State Command have paraded 36 suspects over their alleged involvement in various criminal activities in Lagos State. The suspects were paraded by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, on Friday.

Among those arrested include Pastor Titus Onwuchekwa of the Presbyterian Church, Umuahia in Abia State, Osas Felix from Edo State who specialized in buying stolen vehicles from robbers and selling to unsuspecting people.

Other suspects are Bola Salami, 30, Opeyemi Aregbesola, 28, Chibuike Umeh, 22, and Ndibe Samuel. Continue...

Aftermath Of Ice Prince/GF Bashing On Toni Payne, 9ice Releases Statement To Defend Her

Few days ago Toni Payne got bashed on twitter and even trended for daring to support Ice Prince who defended his girlfriend who was rumoured to have cheated on him. A lot of people tweeted at Ms. Payne saying they were not surprised that she is backing Ice Prince because she is the queen of cheat. A lot of unprintable names were used on her and just today, 22nd of January, her former partner, 9ice deemed it fit to address why Toni has been labelled a cheat.

Let me take you back to memory lane, 9ice released a controversial song shortly after breaking up with Toni Payne in 2010 titled 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy' and it made a lot of people believe the cheating lady in the song was his estrange wife, Toni Payne. Almost at the same time, 9ice and Ruggedman had a beef and Toni became close to Rugged and a lot of people assumed Toni must have cheated with him, hence the label ‘she is a cheat’. Anyway 9ice who now gets along with her so well despite his new marriage says Toni never cheated and he won't stop until the rumour is put to rest. The statement after the cut.

Policeman Who Raped Vulnerable Women While On Duty Jailed For 263 Years

A former police officer convicted of raping and s3xually assaulting women while on duty has been sentenced to 263 years in prison. Disgraced Oklahoma City officer Daniel Holtzclaw , 29, preyed on women who had trouble with the law, hoping their word would not stand up against his.

Holtzclaw was charged with s3xually assaulting and raping 13 women and found guilty of 18 of the 36 charges, including four of the six rape charges.

District Judge Timothy Henderson said Holtzclaw will serve the terms consecutively and denied his request for an appeal bond.

Youths Protest Unemployment In Tunisia

Protests over youth unemployment have spread to several towns and cities in Tunisia, leading to the death of a policeman in clashes on Thursday. Demonstrations began in the northern Kasserine region after a man was electrocuted while protesting at being rejected for a government job.

Unemployment has worsened since the 2011 revolution, when President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was ousted. The revolution was triggered by struggling market stall owner Mohamed Bouazizi killing himself in Sidi Bouzid.

Some of those demonstrating this week said many of the social problems highlighted in 2011 had not been resolved. More than a third of young people are unemployed, with 62% of Tunisian graduates without work according to the OECD.

"We have been waiting for things to get better for five years and nothing has happened," Yassine Kahlaoui, a 30-year-old jobseeker, told the Associated Press in Kasserine, where police fired tear gas at demonstrators near government buildings. We're tired of broken promises," he said.

Photos: Fashanu & New Wife Conferred With Chieftaincy Titles

Amb. John Fashanu and Amb. Rachel Bakam are soaring hand in hand. The two are doing so well together and are still as tight as Siamese twins. They rock and work together, their rep said.

Recently, even though absent, they were conferred with Chieftancy titles at the Ofala festival from the Eze Okwe Kingdom and the Enugu State Government.  This is geared towards bridging differences in Communities, celebrating selfless service to human development and for being friends of the community.

Amb. Chief John Fashanu is now Ofia-Afulu-Agu of Okwe Kingdom (meaning: The forest that contains the Lion) and Amb. Chief Rachel Bakam is now Ugo-Di-Namba  of Okwe Kingdom (meaning Beautiful Eagle Queen from another Kingdom).

Young Lottery Winner Murdered In His Home On Thursday

A young lottery winner has been murdered during a robbery at his home. Craigory Burch Jr, 20, scooped almost half a million dollars in the Georgia state lottery Fatasy5 draw in November.

On Thursday night, armed raiders broke into Burch's home, where he was with his girlfriend and children, WALB reported. The three masked robbers burst into the property and held Burch at gunpoint and demanded his wallet, girlfriend Jasmine Hendricks said.

She told the local station: "When they came in, he said, 'don't do it bro. Don't do it in front of my kids. Please don't do it in front of my kids and old lady'. He said I'll give you my bank card."

Burch is then believed to have thrown his trousers at the gunmen, who rummaged through the pockets looking for his wallet. When they failed to find it, they reportedly shot and killed him before fleeing.

Hendricks then fled and raised an alarm. Police are still hunting the suspect.

Burch scooped the $434,272 (£305,000) jackpot after buying the winning ticket from a petrol station on November 29. His family said he used the money to buy Christmas presents for those in need.

Tope Osoba Loses Toyota Highlander To Robbers

Sexy Yoruba actress, Tope Osoba has lost her Toyota Highlander to robbers in Lagos. According to the actress, the car was snatched last night at gun point. Tope now wants anyone who spots the car with registration number GGE108AP to report at the nearest police station or call this number 08066631873.

Early Morning Beef! Lolo1 Calls Out Princess On Instagram

We really don’t know why 2016 is starting out with so many beefs in the entertainment industry, but if that’s how they want to start their year, they should bring it on! We love drama, but we don’t love drama when someone will come online to call another person out without stating what he/she has done, please always STATE.

So this morning, Wazobia OAP, Lolo1 who also doubles a s a comedian went on instagram to lash out at Princess, saying she should stop embarrassing female comedians in the country without statig what she has done (how bad).  Like I said, we should always be informed of the other party’s offence, that way, we would also know how to react based on fan level, lol. And Lolo na born again o, Abi no be she sing that Jesus song, still come release gospel Album? What she said right after the cut.

Barcelona Star Javier Mascherano Sentenced To A Year In Prison Over £1.2million Tax Fraud

Javier Mascherano has been sentenced to a year in prison and fined €815,000 (£625,000) for two tax offences committed in 2011 and 2012.

However, the Barcelona star is not likely to be spending a year behind bars, after his lawyer David Aineto requested the prison sentence to be substituted for the fine, which he is yet to pay. Mascherano's lawyer is also attempting to have the offences removed from his criminal record by paying an additional fine.

In Spain people handed sentences of less than two years are not normally required to serve their sentence, unless they are being punished for violent crime, if they agree to a fine.

After the court verdict, Mascherano published an open letter in which he insisted he was an 'honest and responsible person'. Read it after the cut.

Mariah Carey Engaged To Australian Billionaire

Mariah Carey and Australian billionaire James Packer are engaged to be married! The couple went public with their relationship last June after they were seen on holiday together in Italy.

Mr Packer, 47, is Australia's fourth-richest person, according to Forbes, with a fortune estimated to exceed A$4.7bn ($3.1bn £2.3bn). Mariah Carey, 45, released her first album in 1990 and is one of the biggest selling artists of all time.

Mr Packer, who inherited an Australian media empire from his father Kerry Packer, and now operates casinos, split from his second wife model and singer Erica Baxter in 2013.

Ms Carey announced her break-up from "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon in 2014.

Police Commissioner’s Aide Accused Of Flogging, Raping Lady To Coma Inside Barracks

An aide to the Commissioner of Police, Railway Command, Lagos State, identified as Agu, has been arrested for allegedly raping and beating a lady until she fell into a coma.

Punch Metro gathered that the incident happened inside the policeman’s apartment in the Railway Police Barracks. It was learnt that 31-year-old Agu had tricked the victim, identified as Yeni, into the barracks. He was said to have had s3x with her, which the victim submitted to. Later at night, he allegedly woke her up for another round of s3x, which Yeni refused. The duo were said to have struggled, but the suspect allegedly overpowered her. He was said to have assaulted and raped her.

The victim reportedly passed out.

Girl Drags Stepfather To Police Station Over Rape, Since Mother Won’t Do Anything About It

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 42-year-old cleric, Pastor Chidiebere Ikpa, for allegedly raping his stepdaughter, Ngozi (pseudonym), in the Surulere area of the state.

Ikpa, who denied the allegation, told Punch Metro that it was a neighbour, whom he identified only as Richard, that defiled the 14-year-old girl, but he decided not to report the matter to the police because he (Ikpa) had a forgiving character.

However, Ngozi, a Senior Secondary class 2 pupil, who eventually reported the incident to the police last Friday, January 15, insisted that she was raped by the pastor on several occasions.

Dasuki Files New Application To Stop Trial

The embattled National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.), has filed a fresh application to stop his trial for charges of alleged diversion of about $2.1bn, part of funds meant for procurement of arms, before Justice Baba Yusuf of a Federal Capital Territory High Court in Maitama, Abuja.

The judge, however, on Thursday, fixed Friday, 22nd of Dec., 2016 for the commencement of trial of Dasuki and his other co-accused.

Others who were on December 14, 2015 arraigned along with Dasuki on the same set of 19 counts are a former Director of Finance and Administration in the Office of the NSA, Shuaibu Salisu, and a former Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Aminu Baba-Kusa.

Did Ex-Beauty Queen Ronke Tiamuyi Shoot New Photos With Her Pad On? SEE

Former beauty queen and organizer of Miss Charismatic Nigeria, Ronke Tiamuyi released these photos on her IG page and a lot of her fans think she shot it with a pad on. What sayeth thou? More photos below.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Photo: Davido Signs $1Million Deal With Sony BMG Music

Davido who left the shores of the country yesterday tweeted he had a big announcement to make today as his life was about to change and alas he has now revealed the BIG announcement. The 23-year old Nigerian singer revealed this evening that he signed a $1m today, 21st of January, 2015 with Sony BMG Music and he will be the first artiste in Africa to sign a global deal. Read his tweets below…

MTN Foundation Sends 14 Children To India For Heart Surgery (Photos)

Under the MTN Foundation’s Medical Intervention Scheme, 14 beneficiaries out of the 20 who were diagnosed at Gold Cross Hospital, Lagos have been shortlisted for heart surgery treatment in India. They are due to leave the country tomorrow Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

Two of the initial 16 beneficiaries selected for treatment dropped out and decided to pursue treatment in India by other means, leaving 14 beneficiaries in the current phase of the intervention.

The beneficiaries, who are majorly children from families with little means, will be treated on all heart related illnesses. Additionally, plans have been made for each of them to travel with an adult member of their family.

Heartbroken Parents Publish 11-Year-Old Son's Suicide Note After He Was Bullied At School

The devastated parents of an 11-year-old boy who killed himself because he was bullied at school have shared his heartbreaking goodbye. Diego jumped from a fifth floor window of the family home on October 14 last year after complaining that he was having trouble at school and was unhappy.

In a bid to persuade authorities in Villaverde, Madrid, to launch a full investigation into the death of Diego Gonzalez, his parents decided to publish the tragic letter.

His letter read: "Daddy, Mummy…I hope that one day you will be able to hate me a little less. I can’t stand going to school and there is no other way to avoid it.

"Dad, you taught me to be a good person and to keep promises…Mum, you have taken care of me very well and shown me a lot of places…Grandpa, you have always been very generous to me and have looked out for me.

"Tata, you have put up with a lot from me. I miss you and I hope one day we can meet again in heaven. Well, I say goodbye forever."

FG To Fund Budget Through Islamic Bond

As the pressure on federal revenue mounts following steady decline in oil revenue, the Federal Government would be resorting to a Sukuk Bond for funding the widening budget deficit, Vanguard reports. Sukuk is a financial certificate, similar to the traditional government bond, but complies with Sharia, Islamic religious law.

The Debt Management Office, DMO, and Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, are collaborating in an effort to issue the Nigerian sovereign Islamic bonds this year.

Details of the expected revenue from the bond is not yet disclosed but officials said they expect significant bridging of the 2016 budget deficit which has exceeded the initial N2.2 trillion estimate.

According to DMO “issuing a sovereign Sukuk will attract significant amounts of affordable capital from the Gulf countries and other established Islamic markets around the world into Nigeria.”

Incredible! Ghanaian Bishop Visits The Land Of The Dead, Retrieves Dead Woman’s Passport

Controversial Ghanaian preacher, Bishop Obinim has done the unbelievable but to some people think it’s nothing but magic! The Bishop who caused outrage after he stamped his foot on a pregnant woman’s stomach to heal her of an unknown disease and also earlier this month stomped on a woman’s stomach to make her fertile has done even something more alarming.

According to Ghana Celebrities website, a female church member of the Bishop died and her family members came to meet him to please help them recover her international passport. Right during his ministration, the Bishop went into the spiritual realm, fell under the anointing and within few minutes returned from his journey and brought out the passport from his back pocket as church members went wild in jubilation.

If you still doubt this existed, my brother, my sister, watch the video below. But then, for the people that still think the world has a long way to go, have a rethink, the world was not created yesterday, well the world might not end now too, but the things of the end time are HERE. Believe it or not. Immediately I watched the video, I said to myself, what? This guy had this passport at the back of his pocket before he went into the realm. Why didn’t the passport fall from the air into his left hand which was wide opened, why didn’t it fall on the floor of the church right in the presence of everybody, okay lets even say the Passport wanted to be around the Bishop why not the front Pocket that was visible to all, why the back pocket that was right behind? The video below…