Saturday, January 7, 2017

Journalist’s New Book, “WEDDING ANNIVERSARY” & Advocacy Talk Show, Lead Women Out Of Domestic Violence

A writer, journalist and blogger, Islammiyah Saudique-Kadejo, has released a book titled ‘Wedding Anniversary: Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt, to educate people and lead the fight against domestic violence.
“Domestic violence is a prevalent issue across the world, irrespective of race and colour. It stems out of desire or decision to control one’s spouse, through used of derogatory words, insensitive actions or physical strength. It is time to break the silence, it is time for women to support one another to put an end to domestic violence, and give victims a voice to talk about the abuse, their abusers and survive.”

The Author stated this in a Press Release.

Wedding Anniversary is a play most women and girls worldwide can relate to. It is an interesting story of love and hate. It tells cross-cultural stories of many women with facts and humour; coupled with the struggles, challenges, triumphs and intrigues women go through in their daily lives. This compelling story reveals in a well-nuanced manner that love doesn’t have to hurt.

Islammiyah, whose advocacy efforts date back to 2004 when she founded a Women’s Rights Foundation, Complete Care International (CCI), also ran an advocacy programme on Paramount FM Abeokuta Ogun State, Nigeria, for some years.

The Author has also launched a live advocacy talk show on Facebook called Domestic Violence Talk (#DVTalk), to support, enlighten and lead women out of domestic violence.

Reputable distributors/bookstores from Nigeria and across the world can contact the author through email,