Friday, February 3, 2017

Car Snatched At Bodija, Ibadan Yet To Be Found

I received this sad mail from an ardent reader and I wish the police will help. He sounded really down from the mail. Please help him find his car. Robbers return what is not your own o. The mail;

Good day Ladun,

How are you doing today and how's work ? I trust good.

Ladun I would like you to kindly help me post on your page about my vehicle that was stolen at Gun point in Ibadan. My name is Olayinka Jekayinfa, I am a fan of you and I follow your blog very well.

Kindly help me as I know by posting it on your page it will help a lot and I can possibly find it.

The car was robbed off me on Saturday 14th of January 2017 at about 2pm on Taiye soyege street New Bodija ibadan. It's a Toyota Camry 2009 model (muscle) Red color with registration number LSR 04 DB, chassis number: 4T1BE46K19U299218 and Engine number: 2AZ9205852.

Please anyone with information about it can contact the nearest police station or me through my mobile 08034624701.

Kindly help me ladun and I also attach pictures of the car to this mail.



  1. There is no security in Nigeria. Who snatches a car in broad day light

  2. The rate of crime is just too much in this country
    Robbers came to my house this morning and took away almost all the parts of my car....This country is a mess

  3. What is the way forward in this country

  4. God will definitely replenish your loss in multiple folds

  5. I understand the feeling of when you loose something valuable
    Sorry man