Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Knew I’d Be A Big Star –Simi

This is obviously great times for Simi as she has added another feather to her cap when Etisalat signed her as a brand ambassador, recently.

Smiling from ear to ear, the obviously elated singer told Saturday Beats in a chat, that this achievement was a big deal for her.

“I am very elated that such is happening to me right now. This will give me a bigger platform than I had before.

The limelight is now bigger than it used to me.

When you work hard and have good work ethics and you continue to improve yourself, the sky is the beginning of the limit. I am not surprised at my success, I am just grateful to God.

 My record label, Xtreme Music, is very important to my career. They allow me to have creative expression. They don’t dictate the kind of music I do. They support me and push me.”

And even as some of her colleagues who are telecoms brand ambassadors ‘port’ to a rival company after the expiration of their contract, Simi said she would not do that.

“I am with Etisalat and I will not leave,” she said.


  1. Are you preggy?
    yes or no, if yes, is it Adekunle or falz that owns it?

    1. She is making cool cash, you are here asking stupid questions

      Is it your pregnancy?


  2. Yes, hard work pays but what of those who work very hard and don't make it? Lucky is also important by knowing the right people and being at the right place at the right time.

    What of those who have good voices and still cannot become singers and entertainers? Were they lazy? Let us praise God for his tender mercy! Merciful God is the most important...

    Simi, learn to avoid talking too much in interviews because things can change at any time. If the company fails to fulfill a contract or promises, would you not move on? Anyway, this company has a very good reputation indeed.

    1. See who is talking about talking too much! Your comment is longer than her interview. Bad mind. Learn to be bloody happy for people and move on! By the way it's LUCK not LUCKY....