Iyanya Speaks About Being Romantically Linked With Many Women And Why He Is Single At The Moment


The singer in an interview with Tofarati Ige speaks on how he has been linked with many women in the past and why he is single at the moment. He also once again spoke about why himself and Yvonne Nelson couldn’t make it to the altar. At the same time he spoke about MAVIN, MMMG. Enjoy!
You’ve been romantically linked with a lot of ladies, which of those are actually true?
I’m sure nobody has heard about me and  any woman in the last two years. Yes, I’ve been in relationships with about two people you guys know about but that’s all in the past. Even if I’m going to get married, I would keep it away from the media. My last relationship was safe for three years till it became public knowledge. When people know who you’re in a relationship with, they start to say all sorts and this causes friction between couples. Continue…

What actually went wrong in your relationship with Yvonne Nelson?
It was just one of those relationships that didn’t work because it couldn’t work. It’s not like she’s a bad person and I’m not a bad person either. However, I’m happy that we still have a nice relationship and we keep in touch.

Do you think it’s okay for entertainers to date?
If you’re ready for all that madness, then you can go ahead. If you’re dating a famous person, don’t expect the relationship to be like the one where the person isn’t in the public eye. Besides, entertainers don’t have regular schedules and we don’t have a lot of free time at our disposal. You must also be ready to see such people hugging, kissing strangers and if the person is an actress, they would even have to fake lovemaking because it’s part of their job. So many times, girls have approached me while I was with my girlfriend, and they would tell her to take pictures of us together. Anybody that isn’t comfortable doing that can’t date me. Before you met me, my fans were there. And that’s why I’m not in a relationship today because it’s difficult for most people to understand.

Why did you decide to join Mavin Records instead of setting up your own company like many other artistes?
I refuse to do the normal thing and that’s why I joined Mavin Records. At that point, my problem was not a label because I had just left one. I wanted to be in a place where I could focus on music for a couple of years before I run a label. I’m not in a rush. For the people out there saying they thought I would start my own label, I’m sure most of them cannot run a company on their own.
What has been your experience with Mavin Records?
I have no regret. We’ve just been working and having good times. I’m so blessed and honoured to be working with Don Jazzy. I’ve actually learnt a lot.

Why did you leave MMMG because many thought you’re a co-owner?
Yes, I was a co-owner. But I left MMMG because my contract was over and there were no plans to renew. We knew that after that contract, everyone would go their different ways.

So you mean you didn’t quarrel with Ubi Franklin?
Why should we quarrel? Everybody has issues and that includes Ubi and me. But we didn’t break up because we fell apart. It was just time for me to leave.

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