Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Have Never Been Married- Bisola

Culled from Punch

Few days to the end of the Big Brother show, an online report surfaced claiming that Bisola, a finalist on the show, was abandoned by her husband at the altar.

But in a chat with Saturday Beats, she debunked the rumour with just one sentence.

She said, “I have never been married and I have never been to the altar.”

The finalist who also doubles as a singer and an actress spoke on relationship, hinting that she is not in one at the moment but that is not her priority. In her words, she said that it was not something she would like to force.

“A relationship would come when the time is right and there are certain things that you do not force. I would not bother myself with a relationship because my main aim is to be successful and take care of my family very well. That alone is a good driving force, along the line, it would come. Are you telling me that successful people do not find love? They do, even when they are really successful. I would not force it because it is not something I would force. It is going to be a gentle and slow process,” she said.

Even with her romance in the house with TTT who she never knew was married, the actress was quick to say that she would always be open to work with TTT.

“There is no bad blood between Thin Tall Tony and I but I have to respect the institution of holy matrimony. I did not know that he was married, I found out when we left the house and I have to respect his wife. If there is work to do, we would attack it professionally. I went into the house to have fun and not to brew a relationship. TTT and I would be friends outside the show but I am not looking for a relationship from him,” Bisola said.

The singer who has yet to attend a tertiary institution, told Saturday Beats about her plans for school.

She added that even though she did not win the price money or SUV, she is still a winner adding that she always knew that Efe would be the winner of the show.

“I have plans to go back to school and I would love to major in something that I am really passionate about which is film production. It took me nine years to get to the Big Brother house. I had been auditioning for nine years and finally I was in the house. That is winning. Getting into that house after years of struggle is winning for me, making it to the finals was a big win for me even though I did not go home with the money.”


  1. I love Bisola's honesty and determination

  2. The sky is your starting point

  3. Strong lady, it's obvious she does not want to talk about her past

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  5. Go girl, don't let any guy to slow you down. Winners never quit

  6. So the story that she was abandoned by her husband at the altar is never true

  7. Auditioning for 9 times,learnt that we should never give up on what we want, will start moving up now.....

  8. Love you loads girl, you are born star
    been a fan since project are a dope star

  9. What about your baby daddy? Shed more light on why you two were never married

  10. Heard. You have never been to the altar yet you have been to the other room-bedroom/delivery room- wehdone ma

  11. Correct bisola baby