Saturday, April 1, 2017

Syrian Migrant Sets Himself On FIRE

A Syrian migrant doused himself in a flammable liquid before setting himself on fire at a Greek refugee camp. A security guard is heard ordering "everybody go back please" while a young man wearing red trousers is seen in the corner holding a big plastic container.

The man dressed in uniform spots the younger man and tries to grab him. But flames engulf the young man, and he rolls around on the floor having turned into a human fireball.

He then tries to run off, completely covered by bright orange flames, and screams continue in the background. Reports say the migrant set himself alight as the officer tried to get hold of him.

The Syrian man was taken to hospital and reportedly suffered 90% burns to his body.

It remains unclear as to why he 'set himself on fire,' with some local reports saying he was rejected for asylum multiple times.