Teenager 19 Throws Self Off Motorway Bridge


A teenager threw himself off a motorway bridge because he was too ashamed to tell his family that he was being investigated by the police.

Kamil Paszko, 19, told his friend who he worked with at a Reading service station that he ‘couldn’t face his family’ after police summoned him for a second interview.

Jordan Goliath tried to talk him down from a motorway bridge but he pushed her away and jumped, his inquest heard yesterday.

She said he came to tell her that he would not be coming back to work, I noticed he was not his usual self,’ she told the coroner.

‘We walked out of the service station, over the hill and onto the grass. He was very emotional and was crying, he came to tell me he would not be returning to work.’

The inquest in Reading, Berkshire heard that Thames Valley Police had arrested Mr Paszko, from Reading, and he needed to answer bailed.

The reason for his arrest was not disclosed at the hearing.

When he came to see his friend Miss Goliath at Reading Service Station on the M4 he told her he could not face his family and was going to end his life.

‘I was shocked by him saying it and didn’t realise just how serious he was when he said that,’ Miss Goliath said.

‘I tried to comfort him and explained things were never that bad.

‘I said “why don’t you come and sit with me in my office”. He said “I need to go now” and I said “alright but please call me” and he promised to do that.’

The teenager walked away from his friend towards a bus stop but she was concerned about him and asked her boyfriend, who also worked at the service station, what she should do.

He told her she should speak to her manager so she asked Richard Butler for help.

‘He grabbed his coat and said we need to go after him,’ Miss Goliath said.

‘We drove towards the bus stop, to get to the bus stop he would have to go over the motorway bridge. As we got there I could see him out on the middle of the bridge looking at the traffic.’

Miss Goliath got out of the car on the bridge on then M4 motorway while Mr Butler went to find somewhere to park the car as traffic was building up behind him.

She said: ‘I screamed his name and went to hug him but he pushed me away and told me to go and said he would be fine.

‘I said I love you, please don’t do it. He went over the barrier – he was holding on with both hands.

‘I was hysterical asking him to come back and I tried to dial 911.’

Despite her desperate attempts to save him, Miss Goliath said her friend told her ‘it’s better this way’ and jumped from the bridge.

Neil Witney was driving his Renault van on the motorway as Mr Paszko jumped. He said he heard a loud bang and pulled over after thinking something was wrong with his vehicle.

‘I pulled over onto the hard shoulder and saw traffic had stopped behind us,’ he said.

‘I saw people standing and a lady said she had seen a person fall from the bridge onto the road.’

The inquest heard from Grant Butler who was driving past and tried to help before Mr Paszko jumped from the bridge.

‘I saw one person was on the wrong side of the barrier. I tried to approach in a calm manner but the man looked directly at me. He was holding onto the barrier with both hands.

‘He put his right hand up to signal me not to come any closer. I immediately stopped but within one or two seconds I saw the man let go and stepped off the bridge feet first.

‘The young lady who was with him was hysterical, I put my jacket around her as she was in a state of shock.’

Mr Paszko was rushed to hospital and doctors concluded his multiple injuries meant he was unlikely to survive the next 24 hours.

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