Saturday, April 15, 2017

Why I Haven't Tied The Knots- Ruggedman

Ruggedman popularly referred to as Ruggedy Baba has disclosed to Saturday Beats the reasons why he has remained unmarried. According to him, he has been meeting girls who do not trust him due to his job and he is TIRED, the singer disclosed.

“I am not scared of marriage. I am just tired of meeting women who can’t trust me or women who find it hard to believe that I genuinely like them all because I am an entertainer. It is a pity because entertainment is my job. I know some entertainers are a bit reckless but you can’t assume that all entertainers are the same. When I date, I do my best to put my woman’s mind at rest and let her know she is the one. But it ends the same way. They can’t handle dating an entertainer and they would rather just end the relationship,” he said.


  1. With the rate of celebrities marriages that packed off, nigga don't want to be in this

  2. Awww my crush!!!!! I don't blame 'em, u r one hell of a catch, so women will always throw themselves at u. I hope u find a more confident woman. It's easy to get insecure with guys like u. But I guarantee u will find her, no rush,just keep those fingers crossed.

  3. My forever crush, if you don't mind,I will marry you