…And The Drama Continues Between Moji Olaiya’s Burial Committee And A Particular Actor


Should I even laugh? Oh dear, our celebs ooo. So Foluke Daramola’s husband, Kayode Salako who has really been pushing and being part of raising money for Moji Olaiya’s corpse to be flown home has now come out to throw a major shade at an actor. In his write up titled ‘WHO OWNS THE NOISE’, Mr Salako called the person a NOISE MAKER, Looool.You know the funniest part, Salako is not one person you want to fight with on blog pages, he will literally finish you, lol. Those that know him, will tell you how intelligent he is and again, he lets nothing stops him, if he aims for a thing. What he wrote after the cut. Me I sha can’t deal, nahhh not at all, LOL.


” Any intelligent and mentally reasonable person should know that, the person who started what they call the controversial ‘noise’ is that person, who started promoting it and shouting about it that someone else did it before it went viral, when, in the actual fact, that person in the news did not even identify with it, let alone accept to ever know the victim or ever gave the impression of going to do anything about it. So, the person who started the noise is that person who first diseminated the fake and false news. And that can never be Olukayode Salako.

All I ever did was do messages on my private time lines to help draw the necessary attention of interested concerns, within my own personal capacity, to the course. And that is not my own definition of noise, but normal advocacy to help achieve the set goal.” I write almost everyday on my walls, and I am obliged to contribute to this one as well. It is what I am involved in. It is what I must do. Moji was part of us! So, no regrets!

The person who diseminated the fake news is the owner of the noise! That is where the noise started from. There was no such noise about it, until a reknown blogger gave out the fake news on his platform.

I don’t make a noise. I advocate for good courses, most times to achieve the right purposes!
I told my wife, go and push for it. Your friend’s remains must not be thrown away in Canada. You guys are influential enough. You can organise yourselves urgently to raise the funds to achieve it.
Meanwhile, I will join you in the advocacy to attract the interest of the right concerns to the course. And that is what I have done.
And that cannot be a definition of noise!

– Olukayode Salako is the National Coordinator, Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN).

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