British Passengers Travelling To US Face Being Banned From Taking Laptops From TODAY


Donald Trump may ban all laptops from cabins on flights between America and Europe from today sparking panic among travellers.

The US President is expected to mirror a ban already imposed on services from ten Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Sources within the Department of Homeland Security have suggested all passengers flying from Europe to the US could be barred amid fears the batteries inside laptops and large tablets like iPads and kindles can be converted into a bomb powerful enough to bring down a jet.

The news has led to some businessman saying they will cancel trips to the US because they will be unable to work on board.

Parents have said they are ‘shuddering at the thought’ of having to entertaining their children on transatlantic flights.

US officials would not say when the new ruled could come into force, but the Daily Beast reports an announcement is due on Thursday.(today).

London’s Heathrow Airport, where 17 per cent of flights to American originate, has already added an extra layer of security at boarding gates for passengers who originated in the Middle East.

The ban could impact US carriers such as United Airlines, Delta and American Airlines.

The ban was first put in place after a raid on terrorists in Yemen showed that bomb-makers had developed a device which could be inserted into the batteries that would generate enough explosive power to bring down a plane

The U.S. laptop ban has affected direct flights to the United States by Royal Jordanian Airlines, Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways.

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