Kim Kardashian Furious After Scott Disick Hides A Woman In His Bathroom During Dubai Trip


In a newly released clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott Disick is in hot water as Kim Kardashian discovers he’s hiding a woman in their Dubai hotel.

The clip opens with Kim in her confessional discussing a ‘desert adventure’ she has for her and her pals, including Scott.

‘So I have this desert adventure set up for me and all of our friends and Scott, and I know he’s upset about Kourtney, so I just figured we could do something fun,’ said reality star.

The clip transitions to the group prepping to get ready for their outing, when Kim’s assistant Stephanie Sheppard questions the ownership of a black purse in their suite.

‘Who’s purse is that?’ she asked.

When Scott doesn’t answer, she confides in boss Kim that there is possibly another unidentified female in their suite.

‘Hey um, I think there’s a girl here. There’s a girl’s purse here,’ she says.

‘Girls are here?’ asks a surprised Kim.

The next scene features the mom-of-two in her confessional.

‘What the f***. Like, this can not be. Something is up.’

‘Scott is, like, pacing. And something came over me, that I was like, ‘He has a f***ing girl hiding somewhere and we’re gonna find her.”

As Kim leaves to go take a picture of an aquarium, Scott, 33, confesses to a producer that there is indeed a woman in the suite.

‘There’s a girl downstairs,’ he whispers to a producer. ‘I’m gonna have a heart attack. This is going to be really awkward.’

In a separate clip shared on the show’s official Instagram, Kim finds and confronts the girl, who is hiding in a bathroom.

Kim is seen talking to the unidentified female, who’s face is blurred out.

‘Seriously? You’re just like a whore!’ she says to the woman, as she walks away.

‘Such a tramp! Get your s*** and get the f**** outta here.’

‘Groupie!’ she yells back.

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