Friday, May 26, 2017

Mob Kills Man For Allegedly Stabbing Woman To Death

A mob killed a man identified as Ibrahim Abdulmalik  for allegedly stabbing a lady, Avoshi Seberu, to death for pouring water on him. The tragic incident occurred at Idodere, Ogaminana, Adavi LGA, Kogi state.

It was gathered that on Wednesday, Seburu mistakenly poured water on Abdulmalik and apologized to him.
However, the following day, the young man went to the woman’s house and demanded to see her .

 On coming out after been roused from sleep, Abdulmalik reportedly asked Seberu to pour that same kolanut water on him again. “It was a mistake my son,” Seberu reportedly declined.

Her pleading fell on deaf ears as Abdulmalik stabbed her to death. He was, however, also killed at the spot by angry mob.


  1. Oh... This is graphic mbok

    Jungle justice


  2. Everybody just dey vex anyhow for Nigeria, everywhere you turn is either someone is beating, stabbing or killing someone..

  3. Jungle justice is good sometimes.Most evil people commit atrocities because they believe they are untouchable and above the law