Mum Begs Other Kids To Say Hi To Her Son Diagnosed With ‘Elephant Man’ Syndrome


The mum of an eight-year-old boy who suffers from rare tumours growing throughout his body is urging others not to be wary of her son.

Koren Jeffcoate suffers from neurofibromatosis and has two tumours on his brain, one on his stomach and a large one on his right eye which continues to grow every day.

His mum Rhian is raising awareness of his condition in the hope other children will feel able to “just come up to him and say hi”.

Koren, from Llanrhyddlad, Anglesey, was not diagnosed until he was six years old, and his mum, Rhian Backhouse said those who are not aware of his condition will stop and stare.

“You hear all about these things but you never expect it to happen to your own child, we were all in bits,” she said.

“He has the same condition as the Elephant Man, and as it stands there is currently no cure. As Koren continues to grow, his tumours will grow with him.

“A lot of children look and stare at Koren because they don’t understand what he’s got. He would love children to just come up to him and say hi, but children are really wary of him because of his appearance.”

It was not until November 2015 when he was diagnosed with NF1. A year later, his family received more heartbreaking news when doctors discovered two more tumours on his brain.

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