Saturday, May 27, 2017

Oh Dear! Baby Olive Dies In Her Sleep

Oh my God! This is just so so sad. On the 4th of May, 2017 a friend of her dad wrote in and we decided to publish her story seeking for financial help. Some of you got interested and made donations, a particular lady even went as far as saying, we should send our account details so that she can send in some money, but we directed her to that of her parents,so just so u know how people showed interest in her case. But SADLY Baby Olive slept last night and didn’t wake up this morning.

How painful. But God knows best. Her parents are now saying they are willing to return the money raised so far. Hmmm, it’s just pretty sad. But I want to implore every LL reader who has contributed to PLEASE never ask for a refund. The truth is the couple had spent all they had before crying out for help, please DON’T ask for a refund, let’s leave the money with them and trust God, He will bless you beyond your expectation. Rest in peace Baby Olive. Heaven couldn’t wait! SAD FACE.

The mail they sent in after the cut.

Dear Ladun,

Hope you are having a great day? I am sorry to tell you that baby Olive did not make it, so far we have raised 3.8million and arrangement being made for her trip to India, but this morning she didn't wake up. Pls let your readers know and those who made contributions can request for their money back. I am truly grateful for your help in putting this message out there . God bless you


  1. I remember this story. Rest in peace Olive

  2. You are right ladun i wont ask for a refund. Rest in peace

  3. May we not bury any of our kids IJN

  4. Oh,no! Rest in peace, Olive! My prayers and thoughts with her family, God will comfort you and give you strength you need... 😢you will never cry over your kids again. 😢 😢

  5. I want to use this medium to thank Ladun for using her platform to help, and those who have contributed. I recall some doubted this little girls illness. Please lets have a little mind to help, especially when you see it here, I dont think ladun will allow her platform be used for dubious activities. Thanks Ladun