Please Help Save Baby Olive (Photos)


You people will say I have come with my sermon again o. I usually receive mails like this as you all know, and sometimes (God forgive me), I don’t even open. So many mails to read, and I just go like.. ‘wan ti de’ (they have come) especially with so many fake health stories on the internet.

Sometime ago, PM News carried a story of a woman who just gave birth and had no accommodation. I also carried the story, but was culled from PM News. I got in touch with the writer, i was so concerned. So worried. He was glad I did, then he gave me the lady’s number. I was practically shaking, where are you i asked? She attacked me, who are you? Why are you calling, what do you want?. I said sorry, I heard your landlord sent you out, heard the man who impregnated you abandoned you, so i want to help. She said okay I will CALL YOU BACK. I was shocked.

So i waited for her call. She later called me back after so many hours, she said aunty sorry o, I will call you back you hear, please help me. I was like ahn ahn, you will call me back again?. I still didn’t get it. Not knowing another Nigerian had gone to see her, paid for her house rent, and her family came to join her, this was just within like two days o. Soon as the person read the story.

So you know what she and her family planned? They planned to make that a secret, so they were now looking for one poverty-stricken house she can go to, so I could go meet her and give her what i wanted to bring. The following day, she called, told me she was suffering but I should give her time, till the next day (that’s the 3rd day now) so i can come and see her.

That’show my mind said, call the media guy back. I called the guy, told him what was going on, he was like, Ladun someone had already gotten her the accommodation sef. But her family who have now come to join her are now trying to make her dupe Nigerians willing to help. He said the lady has stopped picking his calls, just because he accused her of not telling him that a Nigerian called her, forgetting he was even the one that gave the person her number. I said issokay. That’s how the lady called me the next day as promised o, gave me the name of a place (outskirts) of lagos to come, i said for wetin? She said aunty that’s where she and her child are o, and they are suffering. I said, o serious, i pray more evil won’t come your way. No wonder your landlord sent you out, then i cut off the line. Do you know she kept calling? Even getting someone to text me in English on her behalf. What am i trying to say, a lot of people have abused this privilege, so i just say to myself, well the truth is there are a million and one people we see everyday, so help them. Atleast those ones are real.

So when this mail came, I didn’t read too, came in yesterday and I was about pressing delete, then i said let me read first sef. I read it and was touched. Here’s a little pretty girl with no offence and the devil trying to take her away (God forbid, Amen). So I said, let’s put it out. There will be someone, just one person willing to pick up the bill. And we shall see the person, AMEN.

Her parents phone numbers are right after the mail her father’s friend sent in. No account details here, nothing. If you feel touched, please call her parents. THE MOTHER ESPECIALLY PLS. May God heal her, heal us, and heal our land. If Nigeria is already where it ought to be, this is just something that would have been treated by one of the state hospitals and everyone goes back home just fine! GOD Bless all LL Readers. … Please support our ministry ooo.(I mean this baby)

Dear Ladun

Thank you for the great work on helping with this kind of issues, the father of this child was my classmate in the university, he has tried to reach out to the governor of his state and other politicians, but to no avail. Please this child should not die because of money. She has stomarch complications she has problems in her heart and stomach. She has had series of tests including abdominal ultrasound scan, electrocardiography and endocardiography she was found to have her heart abnormally located on the right hand side instead of the left side. she is being managed for complex congenital heart disease with dextrocardia. They have been reffed to India for correctional surgery and they need about 4million naira.

Please find photos and result of hospital texts. I am only trying to help him, I understand there are a lot of fraudsters out there but you can use your contact to verify the story, for example the hospital wher the test was done or Dr Betta Edu the DG of Cross River state primary health care board, I understand she helped to reach out to the 1st lady but no response has come back.

I know you are always concerned about the girl child besides your good nature. Please use your network to help.

 Thank you

His wife’s phone number is 08093058463…
Gilbert’s number is 0809 361 5179.

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