Police Hunt For 24-Year-Old Canadian Suspected Of Killing His Girlfriend


A disturbing confession has emerged on Reddit as police hunt for a 24-year-old Canadian man suspected of killing his girlfriend.

Ager Hasan fled to the US hours after he allegedly killed Melinda Vasilije, 22, his girlfriend of one year, in a stabbing attack at her Kitchener, Ontario home on April 28.

Since then, a Reddit post purportedly written by Hasan has surfaced. In it, the user Redasblue101 recalled pushing his girlfriend and grabbing a knife.

The post, which includes photographs of the couple and screenshots of their text exchanges, also read: ‘The amount of regret and sadness is beyond words. Everyone else is just reading or talking about it. I lived it, I was there. I did it.’

Police are still trying to verify whether the Reddit post was written by Hasan.

Hasan is wanted for second-degree murder and three counts of breach of recognizance,

The breaches of recognizance refer to a ‘domestic-related incident’ on April 3, when Hasan was arrested for two counts of assault during a break-and-enter.

While Vasilije was not a victim in that incident, Hasan was restricted from her town of Kitchener and barred from contacting her, according to the police.

Weeks later, the 22-year-old was found dead around 3am on April 28 after police responded to a 911 call.

She suffered multiple stab wounds, and Hasan became a prime suspect.

But the 24-year-old had fled the country, and was last seen on April 28 stealing a license plate in the parking lot of a Walmart in Erie County, Pennsylvania, to replace the Ontario plate on his black, 2016 Honda.

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