Son Kills Father Over Fish Sauce In Thailand


A son has stabbed his father to death with a kitchen knife after he forgot to add fish sauce to his favourite pork soup. Sakdin Duangphakhon, 36, bought the meat for lunch but became angry after dad, Ngor, 65, was taking too long to boil it at their home in Buriram in southern Thailand.

He confronted his father and then flew into a rage when his dad told him he had forgot to add fish sauce – a staple ingredient in Thai cooking. Sakdinon grabbed the empty bottle and hit him over the head before slapping his mother Pa, 66, when she tried to intervene.

She ran for help while her son picked up a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed his father in a frenzied attack. Police arrived and found the son covered in blood calmly laying in a hammock at the front of the single-storey home.

Officers took the handcuffed son to the scene on Friday to re-enact the crime.

They even made him kneel down and apologise to his father’s corpse.

Deputy Inspector Colonel Nitipat Kitichartchai said: ‘The father volunteered to cook the pork.

‘The son went to drink a some liquor and then wanted to eat the food. But the dad said it was not finished and not cooked yet.

‘The son did not want to wait. Then he said he forgot the fish sauce and he became angry.’

The son, who has two brothers, had to kneel down, apologise and say a prayer next to his dead father when he returned to the scene.

Col. Nitipat Kitichartchai said the son admitted the murder and has been sent to Amphore Nangrong prison in Buriram to await sentencing.

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