Saturday, May 27, 2017

Who's The Real First Lady? Trump's Decision To Take His Wife & Daughter On His Trip Fuels Rumours Of Rivalry

Theirs is the White House rivalry that dares not speak its name, but which, this week, was rather too glaring to ignore. Donald Trump went on his first international trip as President and took with him his wife Melania, 47, and his daughter Ivanka, 35.

Normally, there is no confusion on the identity of America's First Lady - it's the President's wife. Nowadays, however, it's not so clear.

For Ivanka Trump, the President's daughter by his first marriage, to Czech model Ivana  has taken an increasingly prominent White House role alongside her husband, Jared Kushner, now reportedly Mr Trump's closest adviser.

With the fragrant, ever-smiling Ivanka turning up at State dinners, world leader receptions and top-level government meetings, her stepmother Melania has remained in New York with her young son Barron.

Melania has been far more out of the spotlight than Ivanka of late.


  1. Trump's love for Ivanka no be here

  2. this is really interesting

  3. How come Tiffany is never in the news?

    1. Ladun's biggest fan27 May, 2017 22:55

      Tiffany? She minds her business and the older siblings are not that into her.

      Also, she's currently in Law school.

  4. Well maybe Melania doesnt speak well in public, so he puts his daughter there to cover up.

  5. Ivanka is the "first lady"😂😂😂 and Jared mass Steve Bannon are the "vice presidents"😐😏

  6. Wetin concern agbero with overload