Saturday, June 17, 2017

Abiara Warns Northern, Eastern Youths Against Making Inciting Statements

The General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Dr. Samuel Abiara, has called on youths from the northern and eastern parts of the country to desist from making statements that could put the country into chaos. He said such would not do the nation any good. He said grievances should be resolved amicably, noting that Nigeria had yet to recover from the last civil war that claimed millions of lives and destroyed properties.

 “This is not the time to raise issues that can cause chaos at all,” he said, adding, “Nigeria needs to be united and peaceful for government to function properly.”

According to a statement on Friday, Abiara, who spoke at a revival organised by Joy Cometh Ministries in Lagos recently, called on northern elders to calm their youths, stressing that there is no peace in chaos.

He called for prayers for the President, the Acting President and leaders at all levels, saying people should not be tired of praying for the country.

He added, “God laid few things in my heart for the country and Nigerian people. There is a call on all wicked leaders to check themselves and stop their evil ways. God is going to visit all wicked leaders in Nigeria with His wrath if they refuse to repent. Also, a huge calamity is coming upon the whole world soon. It is only those who repent of their sins and return to God that will be saved.”


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