Saturday, June 3, 2017

FREE Dammy Krane, Davido Reacts To Arrest Of Pal

The singer took to snapchat this afternoon to ask that his signee and pal be released. Recall that internet went wild yesterday when news got to the country that Dammy Krane had been arrested and detained on fraud charges. Many of you didn’t believe the story. Was it a publicity stunt? Many asked, coupled with tweets filtering from his twitter page that it could all make it a rumour.

Davido whose hypeman had earlier said ‘we all are scammers’ has now come out to ask that the singer be freed. Now, if Davido who signed on Dammy Krane can call for his release, we hope you all believe this is real. It’s no dream, no rumour!


  1. Mtchew

    Free him indeed

    When you don't learn to cut your cloth according to your size, this is what begets you

    Fake lifestyle


    1. This country is hopeless. I dont think nigeria has a future if this is the mindset of the youth

  2. What would he have said. Birds of the same feather

  3. Go and free him now. Ignorance. You think US is Nigeria

  4. A big lesson to other wannabe celebrities wanting to live beyond their means

  5. We are not all scammers. Bunch of idiots shaming their country in another land- newyorker

  6. Pray that you will not join him soon to the extent that your papa's money will not save you

  7. if only people knew that davido CAMPS most of these fraudsters in his home. Check out his close pals who didnt come from a wealthy background, and see what they do..........#KnowWhatIAmSaying