Heaven Will Shock A Lot Of Self Righteous People, Lolo Warns


The OAP took to social media to pen this down, after saying she is tired of judgemental people. And yes, we are so with her on this. Lol. Her words;

I am sooo tired of Christians that judge other people sometimes I am tempted to ask are you Jesus Christ who saved them from sin ,am sure if some of you had met the woman caught in adultery you would have had her stoned even though the sin was committed by 2people the master Jesus did not even condemn her if we truly share the gospel of peace and embrace the love of God you will do the masters business as he expects ….till a person dies God will never give up on anyone soo why judge those who are on a journey of God discovery …heaven will shock a lot of self righteous people because your mansion might be next to Michael Jackson that is if you make it …….I feel like hissing but I’ll just smile at your ignorance…. # righteousness is by christjesus not works so no man can boast

Also see my own little gist below…

My own little gist. So my big cousin bro told me this gist during easter, I almost wet my pants while laughing. So this Pastor, so hot for God, kept warning a particular section of his workers, stop fornicating, don’t destroy the church.But they didn’t listen to him. He kept warning them, and honestly according to my bro, the pastor tried, but this people wont just stop. So they say, he turned to God and asked God to kill them, before they destroy His church.He kept praying like that, and they say God replied him one day and said, ‘If I had killed you when you were in the world, will you be heading a church today? Pray for them to repent’

Lol lobatan.

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