Friday, June 16, 2017

London Protesters Demand Just Over Grenfell Tower Disaster

Frustrations over the fatal Grenfell Tower fire boiled over today as residents demanding answers over the blaze stormed Kensington town hall.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea headquarters in west London wanting to know how the tragedy could have happened.

Councillors are among those who face serious questions over the apparent safety failings which led to the fire spreading quickly up the tower block on Tuesday night.

The protesters initially gathered outside the building, insisting that those displaced by the disaster be housed with the London borough rather than elsewhere.

But some of the group then went through the door chanting 'we want justice' and pushed up the stairs towards the authority's offices.  Some shouted 'murderers' while others yelled 'cowards'.
The protesters issued a list of demands, including a 'written commitment from the council on immediate rehousing of all the victims of Grenfell Tower fire, within the borough'.


  1. Justice must be served

  2. wow i realy feel for them i pray their request her granted.

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  3. Ladun's biggest fan16 June, 2017 20:56

    Very good.

  4. It is well. I hope they will heed to their requests

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