Pregnant & Abandoned Reader Writes In Again


Here’s an update about the pregnant lady most of you told yesterday to go and look for her unborn baby daddy. She needs help and pleading for your assistance. Please help. Her mail;

Thanks for posting my plead on your blog. Like I said earlier  am ready to prove my case. This is my first pregnancy. That’s what I meant by single mum because I don’t even know how to locate the father or its family members or who it is.  I was trying on my own until this happen. I didn’t even go for antenatal, I had to save money for delivery and what I will use to buy the baby things but this drainage happen. I didn’t purposely carry myself to be impregnated or have sex because if I did, I don’t think I will have kept the pregnancy I won’t Have mind the consequences that comes with abortion or if I was that reckless I will have look for who to sell the unborn baby to but rather I decided to keep the baby because I believe they might have been a reason for my situation. Thanks and God will bless whosoever that will be willing to help me at least for the sake of the unborn baby. Because as I am the moment, the water is still draining and the last two comfti sanitary I used it last night.

Once again thanks and God bless you for posting it. Always ready to prove my case.

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