18-Month Old Hospitalized After Stepping On Dog’s Urine At The Beach


An 18-month-old girl almost had to have her toe amputated after she developed a horrific infection which could have been caused by stepping in dog urine while playing on the beach.

Aria McCart’s left big toe began to leak puss and swelled to more than twice its normal size.

Days later, she was hospitalised and quarantined for two nights after running a fever and suffering agonising pain from the swelling – resulting in the emergency removal of skin on her entire toe and part of her foot.

Mum Amy-leigh Cavanagh, 26, is now urging other parents to be careful when their little ones are running around barefoot on the beach.

Amy-leigh claims her daughter’s mystery infection might have resulted from dogs urinating on the beach without owners realising it.

Other suspects are human urine, unknown chemicals, or even fish bite poison getting in a tiny cut on her daughter’s toe on the sandy beach.

And now, with Aria still in pain and struggling to walk more than two weeks after her beach trip, Amy-leigh, from Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, is urging people to take care and wear shoes when playing outdoors.

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