Anna Banner Set To Help Young Girls With Babies


Well most people know why she is going that way and ofcourse it’s a good thing. No one can tell the story better than who has passed through it. So Anna Ebiere in an interview with Entertainer says she is ready to start a foundation to help young girls who have babies before the proper age, and just because of that they have lost hope.  Speaking on the project she said;

My Foundation is about to come on stream. It is called the Anna Banner Empowerment Foundation. It is going to come on stream before the end of September. It will empower young girls who have lost hope. Because they have a child, life has come to an end. Mostly in the rural areas, you see young girls who have potentials and talents, but because they got pregnant early, they lost it all and develop low self-esteem and think they can’t make it anymore. I just want to give them hope and tell them my story, and see how I can help them out, because you see, when you are happy, your child is happy.

On her relationship with Flavour, the father of her daughter, she kept mum and asked the interviewer;

What’s your name?

Tony Ogaga.

Tony Ogaga, bye- bye.

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