Saturday, August 12, 2017

Charly Boy, Staging A SHAMEFUL Protest- Wale Ojo Tribune Editor

Lol. I already told you it’s our next post. There is one thing we need to understand, no matter how positive one is over a particular thing, matter, protest, or whatever there will still be some people that will say, shut up, go and sit down. So Charly Boy says he is fighting for Nigerians but some are saying you are fighting for yourself, some say for his pocket, some say, he is fighting ignorantly, that if only he knows how ignorant he is over the matter, he wouldn’t dare. While some have said someone that released naked photos isn’t qualified to lead a protest. See my point? Lol. I don’t know what you are saying, either for or against, but read what Nigerian Tribune Editor, Wale Ojo has to say below….

The face of Shameless Charly Boy!
Charly Boy is what a Yoruba call adagbamadanu , a thoughtlessness old fool who allowed himself to be used by corruption in staging a shameful protest purporting to force an ailing and recuperating man home irrespective of his state of health !
I am not saying ,he Charly Boy and his gangsters have no right to stage a protest , even they can go unclad but such an effort should be for sensible reason not to force a not yet certified medically okay person home.
This is stupidity bordering on insanity
Charly Boy and his gang of misfits are shameless goons – Wale Ojo Lanre