Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Disturbing Photo! Israeli Doctors Cure Man Suffering From 'Tree Man Disease'

It's not a mistake that the story has no photo above. You might find the picture very disturbing, I actually found it that way, hence the reason why the photo will be placed right after the cut. People wey get mind can read to the end, lol.

Israeli doctors have cured a man suffering from 'tree man disease'. Mohammed Taluli, 42, from Gaza, was plagued by the rare condition for a decade - but had been unable to find treatment.

Scared of what strangers would think about his lesion-covered hand, the recluse hid away in his own home and stopped venturing out into public. He was fearful of any possible situation that could cause him to show his affected hand to other people.

But now, following the operation, Mr Taluli is convinced his life will return to normal. He said: 'I have been suffering with this for nearly 10 years. After years of being ashamed and staying at home, unable to work and unwilling to show my hand to people, I have finally been given some hope of my life returning to the way it used to be.'