How Men Addicted To Vile Pornography Rape & Kill Women


The horrific killing of Hannah Pearson, 16, has thrown the spotlight on the worrying relationship between the ready availability of violent pornography and the rape and murder of women and girls.
Bubbly blonde farmer’s daughter Hannah was killed by James Morton, a man obsessed with sexual strangulation. Her death came about after he plied her with alcohol, forcing her to recreate a scene he had watched in a porn film.

While there are no formal statistics available from the Home Office or the Ministry of Justice on the links between viewing porn and committing violent sex crime, there have been a number of murders in recent years in which the perpetrators have been known to have viewed – or been regular viewers – of extreme porn.

From left: Hannah Pearson, 16, Jane Longhurst, 31, Joanna Yeates, 25, Becky Watts, 16, Georgia Williams, 17, and April Jones, five, were all brutally murdered by men obsessed with violent pornography – which their killers (bottom) often copied in the most chilling fashion.

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