Stop Abusiing The #NotTooYoungToRun Chance- Shakar El Calls Out Entertainers


Everything shouldn’t be a joke seriously. Here’s what the singer think of the ABUSE.

I don’t know how serious Yul Edochie and Kcee are about running for office but at least they are from Anambra state and the election is in few months so maybe they are not joking but I don’t know if they have much time to campaign. It is the fundamental rights of all of us to Run for an office or even to Run from an office but we must not make a Joke out of it since we are yet to get Leadership Right in Nigeria.

For the Youths to be taken serious, we must act serious and respect ourselves,we all can’t be part time comedians.. I Think Terry G the Akpako Master should be arrested for planning to Run for Governor and Deputy Governor at the same time because it is against our current 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Let’s stop making fun of our failed system, we are no more the leaders of Tomorrow, we are leaders of the Today but we are joking with it and people need to wake up. What we actually need is Transparent and God Fearing leaders irrespective of age or tribe, corruption knows no Age! If you are struggling to handle Fame then Dont think you can joke with a seat of power… God bless Nigeria..

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