Friday, August 4, 2017

When The Most Powerful Nigerians Privately Viewed Omotola's Alter Ego Movie [Photos]

The actress had the private viewing of her new movie Alter Ego over the weekend and it had the most powerful Nigerians in attendance. Just thinking how much was made! But em, think about the efforts too!! Lol. Bravo!!! See more photos below...


  1. Who does not know that all these people are sleeping with these yeyebrities? Sugar daddies and god father things

  2. Nice one. They must have dropped small coins for the production of the movie so they gats to see their investment. I doubt most of these men have time to sit and watch movies

  3. No be only 'private viewing'. If she no wear provocative outfit, enter inside blanket in cosy parley with relatively young male billionaires to beam her 'sex-infested' movie with hubby conviniently out of the way, d men no go get d message, abi? For a married woman, the optics are very poor. Last I checked, Naija still get women for billionaire category. Why not even one there? Like I've said before, madame neva talk which 'private' she get for mind. Captain, over to u.