Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Actress Bimbo Akinsanya Comes Out Clean, 'I Got Married In 2014 & Left My Husband In 2015'

Pretty Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akinsanya who is always a delight to see on screen especially in Yoruba movies has gone so much on the low. Bimbo got married in 2014 and phew she dissapeared into thin air. The once upon a time, bubbling lady has now been spotted over the weekend at a party. In a new interview, Bimbo says;

“To put the record straight, I got married in 2014. I got separated from my husband in 2015 when my son was just three years old. I have since remained a single mother.''
She also says people should stop linking her to Mercy Aigbe's es-husband Lanre Gentry, saying they never dated nor were they married.

Okay o, enough said, get back to the screen Bimbo, we miss you. So many fake people now, who can't even speak their minds not to talk of interpret the scripts given to them, sigh! Please come back....


  1. Yeyebrities and failed marriages are just like 5 and 6

  2. She disappeared into thin air and lightened up her skin!!! Anyways, good luck to you.

  3. Which of them is bimbo akinsanya

  4. Okay. Omo oloja. I heard the story between her and Lanre Gentry too

  5. She looks so horrible in the first pix. Yoruba demons and their yeye ways

  6. She must have screamed her husband head off with that screeching/high pitch voice of hers.
    Use to like her boobies, hope they haven't gone south.

    1. Shey omo ale ni e ni jaiye? How do you know she screamed her husband down