Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Aisha Alhassan Attends FEC Meeting [Photos]

Lol, the attention is on her now. Aisha Alhassan might have attended the last meeting but didn't make it to the news, but not anymore all that is gone now. Not anymore will she attend Government functions that has the President in it, and won't make it to the news, at least for now!

Today the Women Affairs Minister who was heard in a video saying she would be supporting Atiku for the 2019 Presidential election, and also confirmed it in an interview,attended the FEC meeting where the President himself was in attendance. Shortly after her arrival, she became the toast of most media houses with her pictures splashed all over their websites. In one of the photos she was even seen chatting with the Vice-President calmly. See more photos below...


  1. They can't stop her from speaking her mind. She has committed no crime

  2. Was Judas not with Jesus, when he betrayed him?Smiling Judas

  3. Buhari is indeed an elder and a knowledgeable man. He hears and pretend as if he didn't hear just to allow peace reign.

  4. Politics in Nigeria is simply a game, no hard feelings