Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Doris Simeon Confirms She's Dating Again!

After years of waiting, Doris Simeon has confirmed she is dating again. Doris made the confession in an interview with Oge Ezeliora when she was asked if there is any possibility of reconciling with her ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan. Doris said;

I don’t dwell in the past. I don’t want to talk about that anymore. I have moved on. I have no regret at all. I have only learnt to be stronger. The truth is that I have forgotten about everything. Time has erased it (the emotional pain I went through). I am now a better person. Today, I am closer to God and I put God first in everything I do. I never gave up on love. I have found love again in Jesus. I am married to my career right now. I am in a relationship anyway but I want to be private about it. I thank God because I am a better person. My career and business are going on well.

N.B Daniel is now with Stella Damasus.


  1. Hehas moved on, you need to move on too

  2. Glad to hear that....mbok keep your colleagues and friends outta this one o settle your issues with your man puting God first to avoid story that touch.bless ya

  3. I am so happy she has... It can be hard for ladies to move on especially when you truly love the other person... Girlllll, there are so many fishes in the ocean are...


  4. It is not even but glad she has found the best lover

  5. I thought she has found a new man

  6. I love this lady. Her humility is so on point. God will bless you with a good man. As for Stella DANA [DamasusAboderinNzeribeAdeminokan} judgement is waiting