It’s official! Chichi Igbo Comes Out As A Lesbian


Ex Super Falcons player, Chichi Igbo has officially come out as a lesbian, but you know that’s no news to most of us, except for JJCs on social media! Though she has never confirmed it before now, Chi chi known as Chified acts and live it online and sources who know her well, say she is a real Lele!.

Well today, Chichi took to instagram and dropped some real bars for the p*ssy. Please forgive us for our dirty words lately, it’s what your people dish that we serve you. Enjoy Sorry, I mean find her lyrics below… How about laying your hands on some rap game woman?

Catch a flight for the p*ssy
Flying overseas like it’s the next street for that p*ssy
Break a bank for that p*ssy
Treat her like the princess that she is for that p*ssy
Change my ways for that p*ssy
Block all the thirsty b***es in my dm for that p*ssy
I fell in love for that p*ssy
Shot down every social media platform for that p*ssy
Gym harder for that p*ssy
Add two more packs to the 6 for the p*ssy
Bail on a d**k for that p*ssy
RIP for the D for that p*ssy
14 years for that p*ssy
Get in there and do another 14 for that p*ssy
Fuck my *hmm* for the p*ssy and anyone that got a fucking problem for the p*ssy
I’am a sinner for that p*ssy
Get down on my knees and beg for forgiveness for the p*ssy
Yea I did this for the p*ssy
Your opinion on this video don’t matter for the pussy (So much to spit on the pussy but sorry I got only a minuet for the p*ssy 😂)

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