Lol. Bisi Alimi Strips Down In New IG Photo


Lol, the gay rights activist stripped down this morning as he posted the above photo on IG wishing his followers a beautiful morning. He wrote;

“Good morning……Be kind to one another. Show some ? it’s another Friday!”

For those of you saying in a gay relationship, they are partners and there is no wife or husband, please are you part of them? Lol. Bisi is in one and he says he is the wife. He refers to his partner as HUSBAND. Let’s stop arguing and accept BISI IS THE WIFE, after all experience is the best teacher, he is in this already. By the way, why will someone let this black beautiful thing be wasted and not warm up a woman or produce beautiful kids. It’s not that bad looking now. I join his family who are still praying for him to change, that one day, Bisi’s beautiful joystick will produce children, Bisi will find a wife! LOL. Yes, it is my business! LOOL.

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