Monday, September 4, 2017

Man Who Flaunted His Handicapped Girlfriend On Facebook Speaks

Aww Samuel Donald Etim on Facebook has spoken to Kemi Filani disclosing how he met his girlfriend and how they have kept on despite his mom being against the relationship and can only pray they walk down the aisle one day. Enjoy!

Introducing himself;

I am Samuel Donald Etim, i'm from Ini LGA of Akwa Ibom state, I'm learning photography and i live in Eket.

On how he met Esther and what attracted him to her, he said:

I met her on social media, and to be sincere I was so sympathetic we got to know ourselves then I got to like her, i fell for her after knowing her well in person. Continue....

Any Challenges?

Yes my friends are kinda laughing, my mom just saw it and she has no idea that we are dating she's giving me advice to be careful

Do you see any future with her?

Yes, and i am so certain! I'm praying God should give me the grace. And my mom is not in support of it...


  1. human being propose,while God dispose

  2. All the best if the love is genuine

  3. Cute love. Make it work

  4. This dude does not have a job.

    He is still learning a trade, photography to be specific, but here he is, flaunting the big booty he fell in love with on social media, and falsely claiming to be in love with the owner of the big booty.

    His mother is not even in support of the relationship but he still continue to date the owner of the big booth so that he can continue to have access to the big booty anyway.

    I pity this guy. I seriously pity am. He is deceiving no one but his fake ass.