Thursday, September 7, 2017

Photos: Jim Iyke Petting Lions & Cheetahs

He captioned the photos; 'Nothing serious goin on. Just another day in the wilds of living stone petting Lions and Cheetahs. Deep down its an animal thing. They smell fear. They know when you're not in your element. We understand each other.'

Lol, love Jim!


  1. Bad boy Jim, always doing daring things

  2. That's nice until they pounce on him and devour him, which I'll really love to see

    1. Sniff....I pray you wake up to the death of everyone you love. I pray that the earth will never give you profit. I pray that tears of sorrow will never cease from your eyes. You are heartless to have wished that on a human ,u will love to watch him devoured?then may the earth devour all your family and future you Godforsaken poverty kissed bastard. better publish this one since you saw nothing wrong in her own. Cursed imbecile

  3. Just observing . Na so trouble sleep and he go wake am